Facial portrait of a funny woman face laughing Introducing New Shaklee Regimens Shaklee has introduced 5 new packages of products that they are calling Regimens.  Each of the packages is focused on a particular health issue (or issues) that Americans struggle with.  Each Regimen consists of current products, but by packaging them as a whole, they allow us to get a nice price break while we support our bodies nutritionally to help deal with (and reduce the likelihood of having to deal with) some of the most challenging obstacles to good health that we face in this country. The Foundations Regimen (#89336) combines the new Vitalizing Protein (vanilla or chocolate) and Vitalizer (Men, Women, or Gold).  This combination is designed to provide the key foundational nutrients that we all need—protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients— in a simple form.  One strip and two scoops, and you're set for whatever the day throws at you.  By purchasing the products as a Regimen, you can save over $20 compared to the price of purchasing the two products individually. There are two Regimens that use the name Healthy Solutions.  The first, the appropriately-named