My name is Laura Schuurman. My husband John and I are the proud parents of 3 great “kids” and grand-parents of one precious little grandson.  We are hoping for many more.


I am originally from Michigan and grew up with four sisters.  After I married my husband we moved away and lived in many different cities. We also had the chance to live abroad for a few years in Holland (yes, where they make wooden shoes).  After that we move to the Chicago area, and have lived here now for the past 12 years.


For the past 10 years, I have been extremely blessed to have enjoyed a wonderful fulfilling career in Shaklee helping people. To say that Shaklee has changed our life is an understatement! Shaklee has been so much more than a job for me. Freedom, Flexibility Friends and Financial independence… that’s Shaklee!  I could stay at home and run a thriving, very fulfilling health business and be a full time Mom for our 3 children.  Our Shaklee peers are true friends … people we dearly love and cherish. They are family. Shaklee has been a means for us to help large numbers of people with their health and their finances. To help ourselves is great, but when you can give to others and impact a real change in their life … well, nothing compares to that!


And did I mention…. One of the most important benefits has been our incredible health! Neither John nor I take any medication, only lots of supplements! If you want a lifestyle that is fulfilling beyond words … BUILD A SHAKLEE BUSINESS!  Life is a Gift … Unwrap It!


A special part of my job is to be your personal guide, to make sure you receive the very best customer service. I want you to know there’s a person behind the website who is there for you. As your advocate, feel free to e-mail or call me for any of the following:


1) Answers to questions about any of our products.
2) Information on the status of your order.
3) Recommendations on personalized nutrition programs to help you feel your best.
4) Recommendations on ways to help you look your best.
5) Recommendations on ways to help you enjoy a healthier, toxic-free home.
6) Information on purchasing a membership and saving money on your future purchases and enjoying other Member-only benefits.
7) Information on how to start a successful in-home business of your own to improve your financial health and have the time to enjoy life.


I will share with you things that I have experienced on my own journey ….. Whether that is in your health, fitness, diet, lifestyle, beliefs or relationships.


I hope you’ll join me on the journey!     But it starts with a choice…your choice.

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Success Stories

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