My name is Laura Schuurman and I’m proud to say that I feel younger and healthier today than I did when I first started down the path of “natural” health some 38 years ago. I’ve been off all prescription drugs for over 37 years, sailed through menopause without the use of HRT, raised my 3 children without antibiotics, allergy shots, medication, tubes for the ears or even cough syrup! My husband John was able to stay off  the use of drugs. We have “zero” prescription drugs in our house.  What a blessing!

All of this did not happen by accident, but rather it has been the result of

Making the right “choices”.

I discovered early on that there is a REAL DIFFERENCE in supplements. Take a look at the “Nature, Science and Care” that goes into developing the products I use to get the life-changing results

Food Supplements have made a HUGE difference in my AGING PROCESS, however, there is even more  ….

I have been using a wonderful “Anti-Aging” Skin Care System that is beyond “Phenomenal”!!


There are “8” PATENTS on this “Incredible” System.


Clinical trial results for the 2 Anti-Aging Repair products used in combination were:

  •  665%%increase in skin elasticity & firmness in 4 weeks.
  • 421%reductions in the appearance of wrinkles in 4 wks.
  • 88%reduction in appearance of fine lines in 2 weeks


7 Amazing Products –   One Unbelievably Low Price!

We call this skin care system amazing, not just because of how it makes your skin look dramatically younger, but also because of its price! The Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Care System comes complete with 7 products:

  1. A Soap-free Cleanser 
  2. A Triple-action Toner 
  3. A Five-in-one Morning Treatment 
  4. A Patented Evening Treatment 
  5. A Moisture booster 
  6. A Repair Treatment for the Eyes 
  7. A Skin Polisher for gentle exfoliation

High-end skin care systems with even less products in their package, sold in department stores can easily cost up to $500. Skin care systems sold in salons or spas even more! Yet none of the skin care systems available on the market today, anywhere in the world, deliver the clinically proven results you’ll get with our Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Care System. So how much would you expect to pay for the best skin care system in the world? One that’s guaranteed to stop the clock on accelerated aging, deliver unprecedented decreases in fine lines and wrinkles, and give you noticeably younger looking skin in less than 30 days? $1,000? $500? At least $300?

How about an unbelievably low $194.60!

That’s not a misprint, all seven products in our Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Care System costs only $194.60! That’s well below what you would pay for any high-end skin care system in any reputable salon, and no skin care system on the planet comes close to delivering the results you’ll get with our Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Care System.

Plus, as part of your membership you’ll save 15% off the regular price on any future orders of the complete amazing anti-aging system or individual products! In fact, you’ll receive a catalog with other member-only money saving specials of at least 15% on the health and wellness products offered throughout this web site and we’ll throw in additional product samples from our amazing hair care system, a revolutionary stress relief product sample and more!

The Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Care System comes in two versions:

One for People with Norma-to-Dry Skin and One for people with Normal-to-Oily

3 Simple Steps done in 3 Minutes or Less Using the products that make up the Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Care System is easy to do. There are just three simple steps, cleanse, neutralize and repair. Do it once in the morning and once in the evening and that’s it!

Order Now and Experience Dramatically Younger Looking Skin in Less than 30 Days!

Great Discounts

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