Introducing New Shaklee Regimens

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Introducing New Shaklee Regimens

Shaklee has introduced 5 new packages of products that they are calling Regimens.  Each of the packages is focused on a particular health issue (or issues) that Americans struggle with.  Each Regimen consists of current products, but by packaging them as a whole, they allow us to get a nice price break while we support our bodies nutritionally to help deal with (and reduce the likelihood of having to deal with) some of the most challenging obstacles to good health that we face in this country.

The Foundations Regimen (#89336) combines the new Vitalizing Protein (vanilla or chocolate) and Vitalizer (Men, Women, or Gold).  This combination is designed to provide the key foundational nutrients that we all need—protein, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients— in a simple form.  One strip and two scoops, and you’re set for whatever the day throws at you.  By purchasing the products as a Regimen, you can save over $20 compared to the price of purchasing the two products individually.

There are two Regimens that use the name Healthy Solutions.  The first, the appropriately-named

Healthy Solutions Regimen (#89337)—consists of three of Shaklee’s best-selling products.  Vivix, MindWorks, and OmegaGuard each address a key health concern for Americans:  aging, cognitive decline, and heart disease, respectively.  Many, MANY thousands of people have positive health stories because of these three products, and you’ve seen quite a few of these stories in the pages of this newsletter over the years.  Vivix and MindWorks in particular have dramatically impacted people’s lives in a whole host of different ways.  And OmegaGuard’s effects are more hidden (it’s hard to feel clearer arteries or lower cholesterol, but the prevention value is off the charts), but also very significant.  Now, because they are bundled together, you can save over $17—more than the price of the OmegaGuard—so it’s like getting the world’s best, ultra-pure fish oil for free.

The Healthy Solutions Plus Regimen (#89347) begins with the same three products, and it adds another amazing Shaklee product to deal with another major health concern in this country—immune health.  By inserting Nutriferon into the combo, you can get the added benefit of the globally-patented interferon production booster that supercharges your immune system.  It’s something you can feel really good about—as is the more than $25 you’ll save by purchasing these products as a Regimen.

The final two Regimens also share a name in part—SmartHeart.  You can likely guess the health emphasis that they represent.  The SmartHeart Blood Pressure Regimen (#89338) begins with OmegaGuard and adds CoQHeart to support energy production in the heart and to promote healthy arteries.  It then adds the new Shaklee Blood Pressure product to provide an easy way to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.  And saving over $10 on the Regimen will also do your heart some good!

Finally, the SmartHeart Cholesterol Regimen (#89346) also includes OmegaGuard and CoQHeart, and it adds Shaklee’s wonderful Cholesterol Reduction Complex.  It reduces cholesterol by providing pure, natural sterols and stanols, which block cholesterol receptors in the intestines, so excess cholesterol is not re-absorbed into the body.  Instead, it gets eliminated naturally and safely, and our cholesterol level drops as a result.  And as with the BP Regimen, you can save over $10 on this regimen.

So that’s a lot of good news, and some very nice money savings.  But wait!  There’s more!  (Imagine those last two lines being delivered by an overly-amped-up media announcer…)  No, unfortunately it’s not an “order now and we’ll double the number” offer, but it’s still pretty good.  Each of these Regimens can be purchased for an additional 10% off by ordering them via Autoship.  I know—crazy, right?!

If you have used or are using some or all of these products, this is a great way to save some cash.  And if you’ve been thinking about trying them, there likely won’t be a better time.

You may notice from the graphics here that there is also some attractive new packaging for many of the products in the Regimens.  The dark green bottles are still recyclable, and the products inside are still the same tested, proven, safe, high-quality Shaklee goodness that they’ve always been.


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